A Day Out of the Ordinary

Okay so the “out of the ordinary phrase” may be overselling it a bit. Each day is unique on it’s own. But when you come home after spending a fulfilling day, I think that deserves the title because well, let’s face it, that doesn’t happen everyday. But I’ll let you be the judge of it after you read the post and see the Instagram stories.

My day was good for very simple reasons. Usually over the weekend I like to explore something different, even if it means trying on a new bus route or changing up the scenery a bit by taking a detour or choosing a different destination. Basically discovering new places and new things in the same city. Until traveling far and wide becomes a habit and a privilege, this is a good place to start.

I started my morning later than planned and waited for the bus to arrive. It was actually supposed to rain, but surprisingly it eventually didn’t (until later of course). I was going to attend an event at a park but ended up missing it (courtesy of getting up late), but nevertheless it was nice to walk around the park from on end to another. People were hosting a yard sale, or playing tennis at the court or children were picnicking with their families as a part of their usual Saturday morning chilling. Envying the man sitting down at a bench engrossed in a book, I then proceeded to go to the next event of a writing group. I have been intending to write a short story for a long time but never got around to start it, so it seemed like a good opportunity. The population turnout was pretty low considering the weather forecast but it was at an old, rustic but favorable restaurant with easy access to coffee and eggs and I was more than thrilled. Moreover, I was able to start the story, so all in all totally worth it.

Next up I just jumped on a streetcar and settled down. I love going to the end of the line and see what else is there on the way and the height advantage of a streetcar makes it all the more fun. It took a while, and a change of car in order to go further but the passengers and I finally reached the final destination. By that time the weather was even better and a perfect blend of not too sunny and not too cold. I did a quick google search and found another park 10 minutes away, with a lake view. Considering I wasn’t ready to go home just yet, I went ahead on the walk.

Of course taking the wrong turn and stepping on all sorts of untrimmed grass didn’t help but nevertheless got where I wanted to be. And it was worth it. The view of the water, the sound of the waves gently crashing on the shore, the cool breeze-all of it. In an instant I was in this calm, tranquil state of mind. I sat down on the bench for a few minutes, listening to it, taking it all in. I could have sat there forever but alas. Soon enough, knowing it would get late otherwise, I got up started walking towards the way I came.


However, since I didn’t want to go back to that grass area, I walked on the actual walkway this time-and stumbled on to another pretty part of the park! There was a bridge over the marshy wetlands, and all green around it, with big trees forming beautiful archways. I walked around there a bit, all happy and content. And then I finally started to exit the park.


Next, in order to go back, I had to walk to the train station because I wanted to avoid the lengthy journey of the streetcar on my way back. Once I got my ticket I waited for the train to arrive. 15 minutes later I was in the train and all happy again-I love train journeys with big windows to look outside. Secretly praying there would be more stops in between, so that I could stay inside a bit more, I got my wish to a total of 2 stops before mine. Not dissatisfied at all, I got down and prepared to go to my usual route of subways and buses.


But when I entered the station from the train track, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the place was huge! It looked like a mini airport to me, or maybe I wasn’t expecting it to be so massive. People hustling and bustling everywhere, signage above our heads to indicate directions and then suddenly, a magical food court! Magical because well of course, you get hungry when you’re exploring. So I went down to the food shops at the lower level, got myself a lasagna and a tiramisu and then ate and observed my surroundings. Then, from there I went to the subway platform and got on my usual train for my return journey, again happy and content.


The overall day may seem pretty ordinary or bland. But for me, it was a day well spent. I didn’t do much or go anywhere super different but nevertheless it was an escape from that mundane life where I’m more focused on achieving the tasks at hand than actually relaxing. I mean that’s the reason people re-energize on the weekends right? I love discovering places nearby. I think we can learn so much that way, and a change of scenery always makes me feel better. Back at the park, I felt like I have no worries in life-that everything was calm and quiet just like the air around me. And that by itself, makes this day an extraordinary one. I have learned this very late-in life, it is the little things in the world that make all the difference.


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