A Car Ride of Reflections


This short story is close to my heart. I had written it back when I was doing my Bachelors hence the points mentioned in the end are privy to my thoughts during that period of my life. The location is original and based on the place where I grew up and incidents are based on true experiences, but not necessarily in one day and in the same order. The aims and goals expressed in the post are something I’m still working on achieving as a habitual entity, but hope to master completely someday. But in the meantime, I hope this post helps us all including myself, to remember to always be grateful for what we have.

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World of Dreams

“Poetry is when an emotion has found it’s thought, and a thought has found it’s words..”
-Robert Frost


In I come and out I go

Nobody bothers to care, even when I’m low

With no one to look after me, I turn more and more shabby day by day

I belong to none, so none has their say

I stand there alone, dripping in the rain

People in umbrellas, think I’m insane

At night I lie down on the street

Trying to get a wink of sleep

And away I drift, into the world of dreams

A world, where everything is magical, or so it seems

Hunger, poverty, and desperation are far from my scene

Where the beauty in life glows radiantly and I am queen

Until I open my eyes to find myself

Shivering against my own cold feet

And I wake up shattered from my night of dreams.


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