The Motivational Game-Changer

A few months back, right before Coronavirus hashtag switched to that of “Quarantine”, I went to the 3-day motivational women conference “RISE” organized by “The Hollis Company” co-founded by Rachel Hollis. I’m very grateful and lucky to have been able to attend it during a tricky time right before the peak of Covid. I had work that day and hadn’t been working long at that job, and therefore had decided I didn’t want to take the risk of angering my superiors. But it was meant to be and therefore I was bound to casually mention it to my brother, who picked up on it and said to me determinedly- “You should go. It could change your life. Take 2 days off work. If you’re worried about expense, I’ll pay for your ticket.”

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It all seems too easy

It actually does, doesn’t it? Everything that we see in social media, the seemingly all time highs , the happy and smiles and poses and outfits and sunshine and food and restaurants and well the list goes on and I don’t even need to add all of them here because I’m sure you already know.

But here’s the funny part- if someone goes to my social media page, they will find the same, fluffy stuff, where I posted a happy picture the day after I spent the night before, crying until dawn. Why do we do even do that? Why can’t we tell the world when we are going through a hard time instead of only focusing on the “good” things?

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The Warriors in Us

There are no shortcuts in life I guess. Every time a moment is stretched into a thousand, where we feel we are stuck in an endless whirlpool of uncertainty. Not sure where life is headed, whether it’s going forwards, or we keep moving backwards. We emerge from that darkness once in a while only to find out we never left. Will there ever be a point in life where we will look back and actually see how far we have come? Though time doesn’t stand still, and neither do we. We show the world this illusion of being exactly who we want to be, but deep down, actually are not. Not yet anyway.

Everything is a process that’s true. But how much are we willing to go through in that period, for a simple hope that things will be alright again? Does it really, truly, all be okay in the end? Get a happy ending like in the fairy tales? Is everyone’s lives that perfect like we see in social media? I myself post only the happy moments and none of the difficult or ugly ones. That is why, posts, pictures or videos where people reveal the struggles they have gone through, and achieved all that they have, really motivate me. It is so important to share to the world the non-perfect part of our lives, like in Pursuit of Happyness-with a title saying “This part of my life is called struggling.” And the moment we feel all those struggles are finally worth it, we announce it to the world. Because the very fact that we are having these struggles indicate that we are still fighting.

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