Not Everyone Gets It

It’s been months since I’ve sat down to write in this platform. I don’t know whether it is lack of perseverance or just plain old laziness. Or whether it’s the fact that there’s so many things going on inside my head that I’m often confused where to start. But whatever it is, I know I miss blogging. And every time I do, I wait to find the perfect time to gather my thoughts and sit down to write. But we all know there is no such thing. And I’m being even more honest, this platform is my backbone in many ways.

So here I am, trying to make my comeback in writing, which I decided to do with a topic that’s very sensitive for me. Also, in order to maintain this upfront attitude I want to admit one more thing-that I wish the article was more optimistic than I made it to be. It will be more of a relaying of the thoughts that often engulf me but I hope that sometime in the future, I can write a positive follow-up to it, that will make us believe in the possibility of the impossible again. And so here it is.

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Moments of Happiness

The shattering of my heart is loud in my ears

Mingled with grief and pain, out flows my tears

The moments of joy slowly fade away

And tears of hurt and anger start to form

The agony of losing the battle again, and one more time

The feelings of dread and bitterness, against the cruelty that is created in the world outside

Lost hopes and broken trust

Minutes of happiness, start to rust

Desperate and alone, I look around for help

But none came, so I had no choice but to adjust

After many life changing revelations, did I suddenly realise

That given the chance, the memories of happiness can become alive

And moments of laughter again, can arise

Time is precious, valuable and a wonder

Wasted time can come crashing down like thunder

Only an attempt is enough to make everything straight

And even the problems, will have no choice but to surrender


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