Gratitude is thy safe haven

Okay, so as promised in my last post, here it is. Need to take a quick second to admit that it took a bit of work to convince myself to actually sit down to write it. I have always been the opposite of being grateful. Never actually knew the concept of it I suppose. Now when I look back at all the times I complained about things, that were nowhere near as difficult as the other crap in life, I feel silly. Then you get enlightened and grateful one fine sunny morning (especially if the weather directly affects your mood) and then lo- behold, soon enough you are disappointed by the letdowns of life and go back to complaining again. And suddenly realize all over again the hard way, how much worse things can actually get.

Therefore today I will list the things I am personally grateful for. What we see, we believe. So if we see the positives, we believe them more and more right?

Gratitude appreciation #1

Let’s start with the most obvious reason: Health-wise, I still seem to have most of my limbs attached to my body for now (although let’s just wait, winter and snow is just beginning. But more importantly, I am alive and breathing. One dental appointment can remind us to be grateful of that. I’m also not dying of a major disease at the moment. So many countless number of people around the world can’t even begin to have that luxury. They are surviving the biggest of health battles, hygiene issues and much more, whilst being deprived of life’s basic necessities. It sounds cliche but that’s because it is; this right here, is the basic motivation to be grateful.

Gratitude Appreciation #2

This needs to come to top of the list (okay, okay I know it came second). But I need to be alive first to appreciate the second one! Which is -being grateful for every struggle that I’ve undergone. In fact, every single, cut-throat, heart-wrenching, nail-biting pain that all of us have gone through. This step is so simple yet so hard. Our mind goes directly into calculating the damage and the scars those experiences leave us with. Believe me, I know. But I am still so very grateful for those moments. What else can we do anyway? If we want to spin those ugly truths in any positive direction, we absolutely must learn to be grateful for them first.

Grateful Appreciation #3

All those things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to achieve or maintain, but eventually did. Like graduate high school, finish my undergrad, um get a job? Struggling at maintaining it, is a conversation for another day though. I used to think I was so dumb growing up, that I never stopped to think, appreciate or even acknowledge the fact that I didn’t fail at any of those. And what about being thankful for the small achievements in life, like dancing in public? Or singing. Finally dragging yourself to join a gym? Letting go (somewhat) of the past and certain people. Forget those, what about starting this blog? Talking to all of you through this platform, reaching out to so many people through my words (boy, it sure sounds like I think I’m very famous). But the point is, I cannot even begin to iterate how unachievable they all seemed to be at one point in life. And yet, here I am.

Grateful Appreciation #4

All the everyday things we do in life I guess. Like let’s say, oh I don’t know-simple stuff like getting up/waking up every morning and dragging ourselves to start the day? Going about our day behaving that life is fine, that we are at our normal pace and routine, but the truth is, nothing feels right. Every second of every minute of every day it’s the same feeling of nothingness. Yet we still carry on somehow, (huffing and puffing of course), and we still manage to find the strength in us to get through the day despite all that. That’s something that we should find a way to be grateful for, right?

Gratitude Appreciation #5

Well, here’s to being grateful to be us. Who we are, to ourselves, to others, when we are alone or in public, what we do in the face of an adversity, what we do during crisis and also how we act during our good times. Every time we feel helpless and that there is no hope, be grateful. Embrace the broken dreams. The lost revelations. The aching heart. It helps to fight to not only live another day but to conquer it. Ironically enough, when we are doing relatively okay in life (the word “good” seems too good to be true), we become the least grateful. We may not complain as much then, but we get busy in our busy lives and forget to be thankful to what we do have.

I can tell this for certain though. That I have evolved enormously. The past year particularly has been so rough and good at the same time. Things that used to stress me out for nothing now are much more easier for me to not dwell upon. Every time my heart is breaking or I lose all hope in eternity, I have the strength in me to stop, breathe in some fresh air and find the courage in myself to smile (not at all joking). Also, well, I have supporting music to help me tread the path of course. But truth be told, this merely on it’s own was next to impossible in the past. But now? I am so grateful for everything that lead me to be this person I am now, and the one I am on my way to become. That is why my friends, gratitude is meant to be the light to lead the way to who we are eventually meant to be. Hope it does for you as much as it does for me.

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