The Noise Around Us

Sound is easily substituted by silence. Every time we are in a room full of people, and every one is talking around us-the chitchat, the chatter, the snippets of conversations you pick up around you. Then all of a sudden, the scene has changed, and you’re back at your apartment and you suddenly notice that sound is gone. Where there was chaos before, there is now utter silence. So loud that you can practically hear it. Unless you are lucky enough to hear the sound of the raging wind outside, which somehow seems to be just the thing that reflects what’s on your mind. The millions of thoughts, or the mind-blank moments. But if only one could explain, and another could understand.

But we do understand. We understand what it’s like to struggle to silence the storm in your minds, because we have all gone through it. It’s ironic because we spend our lives behaving it’s not there because that’s what “normal” looks like. Never mind that we are unique and that those thoughts and chaos in our minds are what makes us, us. If we were to live in a world where we could express those voices in our heads without any fear of being judged or mocked, maybe, just maybe that sound will die down after a while. Because we have shared, we have divided the overload of bad feelings, vibes, worries and negative thoughts; because someone from the group of people who have listened have told us-It’s going to be okay.

And if they haven’t, then I will. And I will be telling myself as well, along with telling you. If any of us out there wants to share, to silence that storm in their heads, then feel free to do so here. Nobody will judge, because we have all been there. You are not alone, and neither am I…

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